Darkest Hour out now! on Big Label.co


Drift Away released 2003 on Bonote Records


Darkest Hour Released 2020 (Big Label Records)


In Your Face Released 2007 (Bonote Records)


No Filler Released 2003 (Bonote Records)


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About Us



If when you hear 80’s Hard Rock music you imagine hair bands and cheesy bubblegum rock! Think again. U-Turn is anything but the previous statement! Their music is original, rocking and melodic.  When asked why they love recording new material and reaching as many fans as possible, U-Turn said they wanted to help bring rock music back to the industry .” U-Turn’s belief is that all fans can relate and connect with heartfelt lyrics and great stories to which they have since year 2000!  In 2003 U-Turn signed to Bonote Records and were featured on ESPN’s The Life.  When contacted about their song Survive they agreed and that helped get them to the mainstream!  U-Turn also released “No Filler” in 2003 and set out on a 130 city tour.  Drift Away (the band's first single) was released to radio all over the country.  Upon completion of touring U-Turn returned home and set out playing clubs around the area.  In 2007 “In Your Face” was released and shortly after.. the band went on a break.  Once reuniting, U-Turn entered into the studio to record “Darkest Hour” which was released in 2020 on Big Label Records.  The band is now working this record and looks to start another project soon! 


U-Turn is all about having fun!

while being serious working on music.. the band knows how to be silly and have fun!


Darkest Hour

The new album is here! Stream and download